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You may not think that product safety applies to tobacco but it certainly does.Illegal tobacco could contain any number of additional ingredients that might compromise your health. There are no safeguards on what these cigarettes or tobacco might contain.Communities suffer because of illegal tobacco and its links to organised crime. But it is also a significant worry on an individual level.Don't risk it; it's not worth it.#Illegaltobacco #organisedcrime #dontriskit ... See MoreSee Less
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Reduced Ignition Propensity (RIP) is a safety feature incorporated into cigarettes.It stops them from continuing to burn if left unpuffed or unattended.Counterfeit cigarettes do not usually have this safety feature and are consequently more of a fire risk - just one of the reasons why illegal tobacco is such a cause for concern.Don't risk a fire along with your health. Illegal tobacco simply isn't worth it.#Illegaltobacco #firerisk #reducedignitionpropensity #dontriskit ... See MoreSee Less
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