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It's International Youth Day and, as is often said, the children are the future...But is your child or teenager nicotine aware?Nicotine, no matter the method of delivery, is a highly addictive drug. We are all familiar with the dangers of smoking but vapes may also represent a health risk and are particularly appealing to youths.Illegal vapes are particularly worrying as they often contain much higher amounts of nicotine than regulations permit, and may contain unknown and or banned substances.The growing awareness of the prevalence of vape use in schools is a source of grave concern.On International Youth Day, talk to the young people in your life about the dangers of nicotine, vaping, and tobacco. And remember that, if you have any concerns - whether regarding illegal tobacco, non-compliant vapes or underage sales of nicotine products - you can report them anonymously to us at:www.swillegaltobacco.info/report-it#Illegaltobacco #illegalvapes #noncompliant #Anonymous #ReportIt #InternationalYouthDay ... See MoreSee Less
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We've been using Twitter for four years now!We use social media to help us reach out and ask for your help with stamping out illegal tobacco and to keep you informed of our progress - on that, and the related issues of underage sales and illegal vaping products. Please like and share our posts and help us achieve our goals.Any concerns that you might have - whether about the sale of legal products to underage customers; about illegal tobaccos or vape products; even a combination of both - you can report them to us, anonymously, using our website reporting facility at:www.swillegaltobacco.info/report-it/We're here to help - please don't hesitate to get in touch. #anniversary #ReportIt #letusknow #TellUs #Illegaltobacco #illegalvapes ... See MoreSee Less
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